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Homemade Marine Collagen Peptides Vitamin C collagen Gummy Bears

I'm a BIG fan of Gummy Bear, but every time I stop at the store to grab some the ingredients on the back are just loaded with things I don't need in my nutrition. So I did the next best thing, I learn to make my own yummy Gummy Bears at home. The best part is controlling what ingredients I put in it.

I have made some Cranberry juice Vitamin Gummies with Fenugreek Powder, and they tasted great (with just a little tart). So I wanted to try something a little sweeter with a different juice.

I love making Homemade Gummy Bears, they:

They are a healthy way of snacking on sweets

You can make them in a matter of minutes

No added modify sugar, additives, or other unhealthy add-ins

No artificial colors or flavors to bring on health issues

Tip: I love to add my own vitamins and other dietary supplements that are natural to make my Gummy Bears a vitamin shot.

How to Make Homemade Gummy Bears

You only need a few ingredients and Gummy molds to make your Gummy Bears.


- 1 cup of Trader Joe's The Power 7 Organic Juice Blend (buy at trader joe's)

- 3 tbsp. of Beef Gelatin Powder

- 1/2 tsp. of Organic lemon juice


- Combine Collagen and Gelatin Powder together to get an even mix when adding it to the saucepan.

- Combine your juice with the lemon and heat up until juice starts to warm up in a small saucepan.

- Keep the saucepan on low heat until it warms up and you see it simmer, not your good to go, don't allow it get too hot or boil.

- Sprinkle the gelatin mix over the juice mixture while whisking using a whisk or fork for even blend. Add the gelatin slowly to the juice to prevent any problem in it not mixing properly. Continue mixing until the gelatin powder is completely dissolved in the juice.

- Once you have a smooth juice mixture you are ready to add it to your molds. My molds came with a little Dropper, so it makes it easy for me to add my mix to the mold. You can slowly pour your mix if you don't have a dropper or use other methods to fill in the gummy bear molds.

Tip: If you don't have gummy bear molds you can use an ice cube mold or other small trays and just cut your Gummy Bears into squares.

The recipe fills about 3 of these Gummy Bear molds shown in the video.


Make sure to grab all of your ingredients before you start, this recipe takes less than 20 minutes. Once you heat up the juice and gelatin you need to add them immediately to your mold, so you will need to work quickly.

Make sure to use gelatin, collagen peptides or hydrolysate will not form a gel and firm up.

Tip: Leave your Gummy Bears in the fridge for about an hour to firm up and pop them in the freezer for 10 minutes to get a firm mold that pops out easier.

Don't stop with just this recipe now, there are endless ways to reproduce this recipe with different juices, powders and other healthy fruits to mix and match. Try different flavors and combinations that pique your interest and please share them below!



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