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Natural Hair Strengthening Herbs and Hot Oil Treatment

When it comes to treating and protecting my natural hair, one of the best ways to do so is with herbs and oils. A weekly treatment I use is hot, oiling my hair and scalp about once a week. So I decided to make myself a new hot oil treatment that uses both of these natural ingredients.

The goal is to help with dry, brittle hair and promote growth and length retention.

It is always great to use plant-based carrier oils, so I use two great ones that always work. I decided to go with Olive and pumpkin seed oil. Next, I use my nine herbs powder and some curry leaves.

What are the benefits of this hot oil treatment?

Hot oil treatments have great benefits, such as increasing blood flow through the scalp and increasing hair strength.

let's go over the ingredients.

Olive oil is an excellent source of antioxidants to promote a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp fights infections that may be caused by bacteria while helping to improve your scalp health. It helps to moisturize the hair and scalp for softer, more manageable hair with less fizz and prevent dandruff. Olive oil helps to deeply condition your hair adding luster and allowing your hair to retain its natural texture.

Pumpkin Seed Oil helps to inhibit Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) production, testosterone, and androgen levels to help control hair loss. To help stop DHT from blocking the hair follicles from absorbing proteins, it helps your hair take in more of the much-needed nutrients it needs to grow.

Ayurvedic herbs are rich with vitamin C and full of antioxidants to help rejuvenate natural hair. They help to promote stronger, healthier hair growth to see more luster and shine. You will end up with healthy natural hair color and thicker, softer hair, along with preventing premature greying. Ayurvedic herbs are great remedies for hair fall, dandruff, and other scalp irritation that could lead to hair loss. Herbs

Curry leaves are rich in antioxidants that help to moisturize your scalp while removing dead hair follicles. Curry leaves are also high in beta-carotene, a protein essential in preventing hair falls and helping with thinning bald spots.

So let us create and little mix to help strengthen and protect your hair.


  • A hand full of Curry Leaves (or about 4 ounces)

  • 3 Tbsp. of 9 Herbs Powder

  • 8 oz of Pumpkin Seed Oil

  • 2 oz of Extra Virgin Olive oil


  • Add herbs and powder in a clean glass jar first and mix a little

  • Pour both oils into the jar slowly to allow herbs and oils to mix

  • Using a plastic spoon, mix all ingredients for about 2 minutes and make sure no dry herbs are left on the bottom

  • Leave jars in a cool dark place for about one week to infuse

  • Once your week is up to use the oil once a week to hot oils hair befoe wash day

It all depends on your scalp how you want to use this hot oil treatment. So I am going to tell you how I use this hot oil treatment at home. A few tips, before using any DIY products, it is essential to make sure it is okay for your scalp and hair type. So first, always do a patch test, usually on the back of your head in a small area, or you can do it on your arm.

How to Use treatment?

  • Start on dry hair (wet a little if needed) and separate into four or more sections

  • Apply oil from root of the scalp to tip of strands to make sure entire hair is covered

  • Next, after you have applied oil over you entire hair, cover hair with a plastic cap for 30 minutes to one hour (depend on how hot it get) *make sure your scalp is not getting irritated as the time pass by

  • After the time is up, shampoo hair as usual and complete the rest of your wash day routine

What To Keep in Mind

If you are using a hot oil treatment, keep in mind your hair type and issues. Hair that is dry, fine, or damage will get the best results from these treatments. Make sure to adjust the ingredients as well as the time for your hair needs. You do have the option to buy the oils at the store, but make sure to read the ingredients to avoid unwanted ingredients in your oil treatment. Make sure to use oils and herbs that benefit your hair and follow instructions or create your own to get some great results.

If you have a mixture you use tell us all about it!



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