How To Massage Your Scalp To Stimulate New Hair Growth

Massages are not just to help your body relax; they can help stimulate new hair growth. With all the techniques and products you use to grow your hair, this may just be the simple way to see a boost in your hair growth. Scalp massage on a regular basis helps you in more ways than one to grow long, beautiful hair. Hair loss can happen for many reasons with one of the most significant being stress. Scalp massage helps you to relax and reduce the stress while growing your hair.

The idea is to focus on your scalp and specific pressure points that can help relieve stress and stimulate blood flow. A scalp massage increase blood flow to your hair follicles. The blood carries good nutrients to the scalp root and feed your hair follicles and grows healthier longer hair. Eating healthy foods provide your hair with protein, biotin, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, Omega-3, selenium, and zinc. In addition to stimulating blood flow, a scalp massage helps your scalp breath. The hyperactive stem cells of your follicles need extra oxygen to produce that healthy hair growth. How To Do A Scalp Massage?

Developing a head massage routine is relatively simple, you just need a few tools and a couple of products to get started. You can do this yourself at home with only a few minutes each day.

What you will need: - Your fingers (are great massage tools) - Head Massager / Rejuvenating Scalp Massager - Moisturizing Leave-in Hair Spray - Penetrating scalp oil Mix

- Sealant Butter - Satin/ Silk Scarf or Bonnet

Step 1: Applying Moisture and Oil

Get a comfortable chair to sit in and place your item on a table next to you to have easy access. You want to be comfortable as you massage your head, having a relaxing chair and having easy access to your products and tools makes it easy. Grab a few clips and divide your hair into sections, sectioning your hair makes it easier to work through. Starting with the first section use your moisturizer spray to lightly spritz your hair to moisturize and help your follicles open up to absorb products. Afterwards, section that one piece of hair into smaller parts and add oil directly to your scalp until the entire section is cover. A great way to boost the effectiveness of your oil is to place it in a warm bowl of water to add warm oil to your scalp. It will stimulate blood circulation and feed even more nutrients to your scalp. Now follow the same step on each section of your hair until your entire scalp is covered.

Step 2: Massaging The Scalp

It is time to massage your scalp, for this part you can use either your fingertips or a scalp massager. Lean back in your chair to get more comfortable and relax before you start. Set a time for at least 5 minutes or look at your clock to count five minutes and start massaging your scalp in a slow relaxing motion going towards your heart. To get the best results try targeting certain pressure points on your scalp. Massage the lower front of your scalp, the middle of your scalp, the back two sides of your scalp. Your scalp will feel relief, and your whole body will feel more relaxed. The best scalp massages last from 5 minutes to 15 minutes to give your head time to relax and enjoy the message. Just relax and enjoy your massage and let your mind relax to encourage steady blood flow to the scalp.

Step 3: After The Massage

After You Are Done Massaging Your Scalp give yourself a few more minutes, about 1 to 3 minutes to get back up. Now all you have to do is use your sealant butter to seal your strands with all the moisture you just added. You will want to make sure all tangles are gone from your hair so use a comb, brush or if you have super curly/ coily hair use your fingers to avoid breakage and comb out the tangles. Take your time to detangle each section to avoid excessive shedding and breakage while adding your sealant to help add slip. Before your twist or braid, your hair adds a little extra sealant at the ends of your hair to give a little extra love to the oldest part of your hair. Once it's bedtime, it's time to grab your satin or silk scarf to wrap your hair to protect it from moisture loss and keep friction away from your strands.

The Benefits of A Head Massages

Scalp massages do so much more than just grow your hair, you have a few minutes to recharge your body. When you massage your scalp with oils, it helps to moisturize the scalp and stops scalp issues like dandruff and flakes caused by dry scalp. Oils help to protect the scalp from drying out after the use of regular shampoos that will strip away your natural oils. More blood circulation to the scalp helps to strengthen the roots while nourishing the hair shafts, promotes new hair growth and strengthen the older hair strands. Scalp massages soften and conditions the hair while making it more manageable to handle while washing and detangling. Using oils along with your natural oils in your hair will give it more luster, and it will look more vibrant. All the oxygen and nutrients going to your scalp overtime will strengthen it and protect it against harsh weather and the sun rays. If you are suffering from dry, brittle hair that has lots of damage and split ends, massaging your scalp will improve the health of your hair to prevent these hair conditions. A scalp massage helps to stimulate blood circulation not just to your scalp but your neck area as well. Your neck will feel less stiff, and it will reduce the stress that could prevent new hair growth. Your body will learn to relax and be carefree at lease for five minutes a day and will be more accustomed to being pliable.

Everything natural only work if you practice it on a regular basis and give it time to work. Head massages are not a miracle worker to magically grow your hair. You have to eat healthily and massage your hair at least five nights a week for 30 to 90 days before you see a difference in your hair growth and health. Your hair will grow you just have to take care of your health, protect the new hair growth you get to maintain beautiful, healthy long hair.





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