Healthy Hair Growth Practices To Naturally Grow and Retain Length

Young or old your hair plays a key role in styling you look for the day. In today's world, most people are living a stressed field lifestyle that causes some common hair problems at a young age. Having you hair fall out, bald spots, damage hair follicles, and split ends are more common. Don't stress out even more about it, and whatever you do stay away from those chemical treatments for fast, easy results. All you need is a little patience and some natural products that most likely can be found in your kitchen cabinets.

Hair growth takes patience, commitment, some simple traditional practices and the right products for your hair type to grow. All over the world each country has their practice they work on to grow their hair. One famous group of woman with long hair are Indian women. You will see some the women with long, healthy, and of course beautiful hair that sometimes reach the ground. It's not magic, just traditional practices they have that help them grown that natural hair. Looking at the products they use to maintain their hair it is no wonder they have that healthy head of hair. Moving away from commercial products they embrace the most natural side of hair care. Going back to essential herbs, oils, and other natural ingredients seem to be your best bet for great results. Not everyone's hair is created equal so some of these products may work for your hair while others do not. One practice more natural are embracing is the coconut oil treatment. Some of the other practices may be familiar or not, but they yield some great results.

The Pre-Poo Treatment is famous for adding moisture to the hair before a wash. A top rated product for healthy hair is coconut oil that is often used for this treatment. Applying the coconut oil to your hair before washing add great benefit to your wash day. Coconut oil is one of the top three oils that can penetrate the hair shafts, so it goes I to prepare your hair. The oil add mush needed slip, penetrate to protect the protein in your hair and protect from any damage during the washing and combing process.

One of my favorite hair treatment is using henna and indigo to add strength along with restoring shine to my hair. Henna is an excellent plant to use when you are looking to add strength to your hair. If you scalp is on the sensitive side and is prone to infections, working with Alma powder and neem oil would be your best bet. They are two powerhouses for anti-fungal treatments. Coconut oil and several other natural oils do have anti-fungal properties, but at a low rate.

Growing your hair can take a while along with fixing damage follicles. Using natural ingredients can help heal those damaged follicles to promote hair growth once more. One remedy is using garlic and onion extract juice. Use a blender to pure enough onion and garlic for the amount of hair needed. Apply the mix to the hair for 30 minutes and cover with a plastic cap to help natural heat stimulate. Afterwards, wash twice or as needed to get rid of the onion smell. This method helps re-stimulate growth in hair loss areas of damage follicles. If you are suffering from alopecia or thinning hair, try working on them with this recipe for a few weeks to seek to revive those dead follicles. There could be some reasons why you are suffering from hair loss. Think of health factors such as hormonal imbalances, or an under-active thyroid gland. A big one is a nutritional deficiency; most adults may not be consuming the proper amount of nutrients their body require on a daily basis. Look for plant base vitamins to add to your daily intake to ensure you are taking the appropriate amount of nutrients. Adding a scalp massage to your morning or night routine will help blood circulate to provide sufficient nutrients to the scalp.

Learn a few ways to help your body stay healthy to improve hair growth. Start by cutting back on the amount of meat you consume, only add meat to your meals maybe three days a week. Instead, add more sea vegetables to your meals like kelp, nori, and any other vegetable you enjoy eating. Drink filter water to avoid fluoride and chlorine that are typically found in tap water that inhibits iodine absorption. Eating a diet rich in essential fatty acids like avocado and fish is necessary for a healthy head of hair.

Taking care of your health is essential as well, your hair nails and skin reflects your inside health. Hair growth could be stopped due to an underactive thyroid gland that causes thinning hair. Adding good vitamins like Boost biotin, MSM: Methylsulfonylmethane aids your hair to increase in production of keratin. Start increasing your hair growth by adding a few new techniques and using new products for healthy hair growth.


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