Eat 6 Veggies To get The Most Protein from you Meals

When you think of vegetables, you would not think of protein. Most individuals may not think of them as an excellent source of protein, but you would be surprised. A few veggies pack enough amount of protein to make a difference in your diet when you eat them. Plant-based vegetables are not just common to eat. They have essential nutrients that your body needs to function. Now how about learning just a little about these great plants and why we eat them with our meals. One important thing to keep in mind, when you get plant protein, they are 'incomplete' proteins. Meaning they do not contain the total amount of amino acids your body needs. So you want to make sure to combine your veggies with plenty of whole grains to make complete your protein intake. Eating Peas, Adding peas to your meal can be great to fill you up and add just a little bit of protein on your plate. With a half-cup of peas, your meal will get three and a half grams of protein.

Now let us add some Spinach, eating just three grams of protein in a half cup of spinach. So go ahead and add this excellent leafy green to your plate for some good protein. Who doesn't love a good Baked Potato? You can add it to your meal as a side along with a few toppings to make it taste great. Just eating a medium size potatoes provide you with about three grams of proteins. Broccoli's are great, they are a fair price, you can add them to every meal and are light to eat. They come packed with fiber to help your stomach digest its content along with great protein. They do not take long to cook, just steam them for a few minutes and you have your broccoli ready to eat. Add two servings to your plate with each meal to get 2 grams of proteins per servings. One easy veggie to eat is Corn, now it is technically a grain, but we are going to add it to our veggie list since you can find it in the produce aisle. This colorful, yellow grain comes with two grams of protein in every half of cup. Are brussels sprouts not your favorite right? Well, they get a bad reputation because most people are put off by them before they even taste them. If you are looking at this from a health point of view, then you will see the benefits. Just little guys are a nutritional superstar on their own, just half of a cup comes with two grams of proteins. Your body will benefit from 247 milligrams of potassium and 110 micrograms of vitamin K. So if you have never try tasting a brussels sprout pick one up and try it today! These veggies are great for health but never cover them with too much salt, cheese, or any other seasoning that with taking away from the nutrition. Try to grill, boil, or even steam them and adding light seasonings like lemon, black pepper, or a pinch of salt. Vegetables are healthy unless you cook it in an unhealthy way.


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