Grow Stronger Looking Nails With A Protein Base Coat

Properly caring for your nails demands the proper tools to keep them clean and healthy. A simple, essential care item you can use on your nails is a protein base coat (Essie Protein Base Coat) to keep your nails healthy. Base layers contain a higher resin content compare to a regular nail polish, be careful to prevent any nail polish allergies. Your nails will thank you for all the benefits that come with using a protein base coat to not only protect it but feed it the nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy. Look for based coating that are enriched with significant vitamins, calcium for the nails, even Aloe Vera to moisturize the nails. Getting those long nails are easy if the nail is strong and healthy, a good base coat can enhance the growth process of the nails because it will not be breaking away with every little inch it gets. Do not forget your cuticles, all that vitamin and minerals will benefit your cuticles to prevent thick skin and stay hydrated. It will create a high barrier on your nails to give you a smoother finish and protect your nails from any damage from the polish you are using. All you need to do is start with a based coat to create a barrier between the nails and polish.


A base coat can come in variety conventional treatment or a ridge-filer (100% Pure Ridge Filler base). A regular base coat comes with the nutrients and cover as well as protect the nails. A ridge filler goes in and fills in the lines, grooves, and any ridges that are on the nails to give it a smoother appearance. Now a protein based coat comes with nutrients like infused with wheat protein to give the nails extra strength. It strengths, protects, and provide the elasticity it needs. A based coat extends the duration of any manicure and pedicure to leave a smooth finish.

Making a choice on a base coat is up to the benefits and nutrients the nails will need. The majority of based coats is fortified with substances such as protein, vitamin E or calcium to enrich your nails. These essential ingredients provide the nails with the strength to stay healthy, prevent future breakage, and any peeling on the tops or splitting on the edges of the nails.

Applying a base coat gives your nail some significant advantages when it comes to having a beautiful manicure and pedicure. This one little habit helps your polish nails look smooth and even after applying to the nails as well as protecting it from staining and peeling after the polish sets in. If you are a fan of darker nail polish, a base coat prevents the dark color from staining your nails and avoiding that more colored residue after you remove the polish. A base layer can help when you are removing those dark finish because it is not directly on the nails the process will be much easier. Just like makeup when you apply it to your face you would use a primer to protect the skin, your base coat is a primer for your nails. The extra step may be just a little more work, but your nails are worth it, the extra care provides essential benefits to your natural nails. Your nails will stay healthy, your manicure will last longer, and one you want to change nail polish it easy to wipe away. Get a beautiful finish for your manicure and pedicure by applying a top coat (Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener ) to seal in the polish. This will prevent any chipping of the polish to help the polish last longer after application. You can get a simple top coat, or choose ones that come with top and based layer with a combined product.


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