Over-Manipulating your Hair Causes Damage

We all love the big afro I'm sure, but let us think of the after the fact. Is it worth the health of your hair? I mean granted we all rock our afro proud but, after all, the damage happens. Like we can all see the obvious puffs and Afros that can get addictive because of the sexy look. We all know that 'look they are an easy ready to go style that anyone can put on without any effort. The bad come when they cause the hair to tangle, knot and even break for the most part. Another part is leaving your hair unattended too long, protective style is great but be aware. Protective style can also do damage to your hair if you leave it for long. Leaving your hair in for too long in twists or braids works both ways. You take the time to put it all away; it will also take the time to take it out. That means a longer time taking it out, a lot more chances you can do more damage to your hair. If you have loose curls, styling your hair with twists may not be the best idea. They unravel with no effort if you do want twist maybe try it with the help of an EcoStyle gel or something that will hold it better.

The key is to learn to work with your hair and not fight with it. You may see a style on another person that you like and want to try it if your hair responds negatively stop that style. Find a happy medium where your hair health is always first. Your hair will let you known when it's not happy as its breaking, tangling, and knotting so learn to listen. When it is over-manipulated, your hair will be at its worst learn the signs and give it a rest when it needs it.


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