Stop Ignoring breakage To Prevent Hair Damage

Your hair has it good and bad days, strength and health are what gives you that beautiful hair you can only dream off. Maybe your hair been stuck at a particular length for the year after year, well something simple as Breakage may be keeping you from new growth? One of your most likely reason can be that you have split ends, which are breaking off your hair at the same rate as it is growing. What you want to do is trim your hair, not just the very tips but a good 2 to 3 inches off. Your best policy is not to do a search and destroy for knots and split, but to go and cut off the inches off completely to accurately give your hair a beautiful trim. If you have very kinky hair, you may be ignoring the short little quarter-inch end segment breaks that happen to your hair. It is never fully possible to just eliminate breakage entirely, but you can help your hair by reducing the damage to a minimal level. You can handle your hair with extra care and be gentle, choose the right tools for your hair type, and to just be patient when treating your hair. You may want to find out what damage you are causing to your hair to begging with, known the type of damages out their that happen every day.

Medical Reasons Eating disorders, hypothyroidism, mineral and hormonal imbalances, scalp infection and certain medications can cause hair to break, according to the Mayo Clinic. Healthy hair is an extension of a healthy body. A weak body does not have the resources needed to grow strong, healthy hair. For this reason, medical illness directly affects hair growth. While not all medical conditions weaken hair to the point of breaking, most will have some visible effect on the hair.

Damage Excessive loss reduces the structure of the hair, which causes breakage. Damaged hair snaps during regular grooming rituals such as brushing, curling and styling. There are many causes of hair damage, including perms, coloring, straighteners, thermal styling, sun exposure and improper care.

Chemical Services When a chemical service goes horribly wrong, either the stylist or the client is at fault. All instances of hair breakage after a chemical service can be traced back to operator error or the failure of full disclosure on the customer's part. Stylists damage and break hair when they leave chemicals on the hair for an excessive amount of time or place undue tension on the hair during the chemical process. However, sometimes things happen that surprise the stylist and the client. Super-heated chemical reactions sometimes occur if the customer has used certain products. Full disclosure is necessary to avoid a meltdown. Tension Braids, ponytails, knots and twists all place tension on the hair. While hair stretches to some extent to accommodate extreme and high styles, it will eventually break. A sore scalp is a sure sign that a style is too tight for the hair and that traction alopecia, breakage from tension, may occur. In extreme cases, repeated and prolonged tension damages hair follicles, rendering them unable to produce new hair.

Friction Continued resistance from wigs, Barrett's, style holders, hats and pillows cause breakage. Damage caused by friction is localized and easy to spot. The loss always occurs where the most intense resistance takes place.


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