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​A Simple Nutrition Guide For Everyday Eating

Your daily meals and drinks play a significant role in your body hormonal balance. Losing weight or gaining muscles require well balance meals that will fuel your body with healthy calories it can use. Changing your body requires changing your diet, every meal, drink, and snack need to be healthy and full of nutrients. Start with following a healthy plan diet, or create one of your own with exercise to maintain your body. Success is all about planning and later following through those plans to achieve your best body yet. Following a trend is not the best practice, getting away from TV, nutrition and diet books, take the time to get the real information you need. Think about what you would like to achieve with your body, next acknowledge any injuries or medical problems you may have. Now this will give you a real starting point of where to start to achieve the body you want.

​The trick is not to make nutrition any more complicated that it has to be. Go to the market and purchase wholesome foods that it can easily digest. Following a regular eating pattern will not only help your body goal, but your metabolism will work properly, and your body will store less fat. A simple way to get your body going in the morning is to drink a glass of cold water to get your metabolism going. You could also eat something light like a banana to get something in your belly. A few other habits to get your body use to would be to:

1.Eat every 3-5 hours, on the dot.

2. Drink A Gallon of water with lemon juice a day (if you are not used to drinking water starts out with 32 oz of water a day)

3. Add a Whey Isolates protein to your diet at least once a day

4. Help your digestive system work better by staying clear of gluten and dairy free products (except for your whey protein)

5. NO preservatives, food coloring, or added filters to any food you consume

Can You Eat Carbs? Eating carbs are imperative to your diet to support brain functions and fueling your body to perform at optimum level. All it takes is controlling your portion size on your plate to stay healthy. Cutting carbs out of your diet can have a drawback if it is not included in your diet. Re-introducing carbs to the body back can cause some weight gain due to it storing away as fat. It is best to plan meals that are not only healthy, but you want to eat to avoid a yo-yo diet. The market offers plenty of tasty, different meals and snacks to keep you on the right track.

Plan accordingly and find simple meals with few ingredients to keep you healthy and motivated.


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