5 Steps You need to Know to Look Younger

Ditch the Low-Fat Diets

Even when someone says they are on the low-fat diet, they can get fatter, sicker, and even more addicted to sugar and carbs than they were before. We were meant to eat real food, looking for low-fat food at the store is just not going to cut it for our bodies. The food we consume was made to be eating in the right portions so that our bodies could process it and digest the nutrients. It is not about eating low-fat meals, it about eating the proper portions of meals. We need to start learning to eat properly so that future generations can keep that habit. People that are on a low-fat diet can have a drawn, gaunt, and weak when you see them. It is not only a look but an effect on their bodies as well, which can cause them to be sick. Their body is not receiving the nutrients it needs to sustain their daily activities, by the end of the day they are done. They have no energy, nutrients, and vital minerals they need to stay healthy.

The right fats need to be added to your diet, which a low carb diet is lacking. Embrace the healthy fats that help your body not only stay active but regenerate your power hormones. Think of your testosterone, for example; it is the 'strength' hormone, it is a direct result of cholesterol and your daily fat intake. People may think of "Cholesterol" as a dirty word when it comes to your diet, but you need it. If you lack vital cholesterol and fat your body will not be able to produce any essential hormones it needs to survive. A low-fat diet limit where, when, and how much you can eat. You are so busy keeping track of your meals that you can't even enjoy a night out. If you are keeping much-needed food away from your body, your are not doing it any favors. With all that vital nutrients missing you can forget about looking younger. A Simple Nutrition Guide

Stop Running yourself In the Ground

Gym classes make great promises, they show you results from past members, and you have someone to help, but it may not always work. Not everyone enjoys the class, coach, and the environment of the gym. Some people have little to no change after attending for more than two months. Adding cardio to your workout is an excellent idea, just make sure to find cardio activities that require less strain on your body. Endurance training like running or using the treadmill is not very kind to an aging body, so a daily use is not doing much for your youth. Long-duration exercise increases free radicals in the body, which prey on your essential nutrients and tissues. Alternate between cardio and strength training throughout the week; you can even practice yoga to strength your body.

Stop Using Your Age as An Excuse

You are not fat because you are too old to exercise, you are fat because of what you eat, how you move and think. Once you start training your body, practice a healthy eating habit, your body will start to look younger and feel better. It may seem impossible to change your body type now, but starting today can mean the difference between a healthy older body and a beating down an older body. Looking sexy, slim, and tone is not just for certain age but all ages. Your body does not stop from being able to grow healthy and vigorous after a certain age, all you have to do is start taking care of it. Starting a weight training program only takes about a month to start seen results.

If you are around people that do not have the same motivation to gain a healthy lifestyle leave! They create their excuse why their bones ache, why they have growing disease, they even tell you is part of old age but that is all wrong. Surround yourself with others like your that want to succeed and thrive on the challenge of self-improvement.

Why You Should Drink Water?

-Lose weight

-Prevent cancer

-Perform better

-Prevent headaches

-Have less joint pain

-Make your skin glow

-Flush out waste and bacteria

Avoid Being Chronically Dehydrated

Your body is mostly water, and it does more than keep your body hydrated. Drinking water throughout the day helps your body burn fat and help curve your appetite. Drinking water help you drop and maintain your weight which gives you more energy. Drinking 64 ounces or more of water everyday hydrates the skin and can take years off your face in just a few weeks.

Your kidney and liver already work hard to keep your body toxin free, drinking water everyday stop chronic overwork for the both. Your kidney needs plenty of water to function properly, once it becomes dehydrated the liver has to step in. Your liver works hard to burn fat in the body and should be the focus, not extra work. You don't want your liver working to process liquids and other toxins that your kidney was to dehydrate to process. Make drinking about two glass of water a day part of your routine to stay hydrated. Take note and watch your face and body change over the next few weeks once you start to drink water actively.

Full-Body Fat Burning Circuit

Get Into Fitness

Strength Training: Weight Lifting, Pilates, Muscular Isolation Training

Cardio Training: Running, Swimming, Walking

Flexibility Training: Yoga, Stretching, Static Stretching

Workout in Moderation

Once you grow into adulthood working out your muscles is a must if you want to keep them. If you don't use it you will lose it, every year you will start to lose muscles. What does this all mean? Every year you can look forward to getting fatter, your body getting flabby, and losing your shape. If you want to keep your body and not look saggy everywhere, you need to have a workout routine. Start by creating a weekly training program to build your body.

Create a workout regimen that requires you to target individual muscles, that require less strain on your body, and will get you results. Joining a gym can work for a lot of people, but people join and quit the gym every month. Build a routine that focuses on developing and building your muscles and keeping your body young. The goal is to eat healthy, train your body, and tone up without unhealthy fat on your body. Think of your new fitness training as a lifestyle change to live and look younger. Training for fitness help breakthrough bad habits and achieve your ideal body.

Learn About Supper Foods

Super-food is the best vitamins for your body; they are incredibly healthy because they are extremely high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. Antioxidants help to reduce your cholesterol, lower your blood pressure along with protecting your body from terminal disease. Adding super-foods to your diet is more than an extra boost, it is thought to have cancer-fighting abilities. It can help to change your diet and drastically improve your current health. A few super-foods are just around your grocery stores to pick up and to your daily snack and meals.

Apples are full of cell-protecting plant substance called polyphenols. These plant materials help to increase life spans to help you live longer. Apples are packed with antioxidants and high in vitamin C and contain a soluble fiber called pectin. Beans are pack full of nutritional protein, fiber, iron, and healthy calcium. Eating broccoli comes with vitamin C and a good source of folic acids. Fish like trout, salmon, a light tuna added to your diet is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids. Eat pecan nuts to keep your arteries clean; they are rich of gamma-tocopherols, a type of vitamin E that blocks LDL cholesterol from clogging your arteries with plaque.

Looking younger start with a proper diet and a healthy exercise routine. Take care of your body and it will take care of you as you age.


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