My Henna Treatment: A Step By Step Guide On How I Prepare and Treat my Natural Hair Every Month

Growing my hair has been a struggle over the past four years, but now I realize that if the hair going is not robust and healthy it will look dull, flimsy, and eventually break with the slightest tension. So with that said I looked for a treatment that will strength and protect my hair that as already grown out. Now an important part of my hair care regime is applying an herbal mask once a month to strengthen my roots and keep my hair thick as it grows. I use the nine herb treatment with henna to add extra love to my hair. The treatment benefits the hair because it goes and binds to the keratin of your natural hair and prevent common hair problems like dandruff and is anti-fungal. Don't worry about that red undertone color it leaves on your hair; it is a transparent dye, so it only coats your natural hair color, not change the color. If you have black hair will get that red sheen every time you are out in the sun. For light her color hair like blind, it looks a brilliant orange, it all depends on your natural hair color the results you get after applying the henna.

What I learn about henna:

Henna does some amazing things for your hair! My hair has more strength, she'd a lot less and is growing where I can see the difference. Henna can be drying, but all you need to learn is how to mix it with the right ingredients and properly condition your hair afterward to soften those strands again. It is important to buy good quality henna because not all products as we know are not equal. Some henna powders contain metallic compounds that can be damaging to the hair and your health because this treatment will most likely be on your hair for a few hours. I personally always use the nine herbs treatment, or you can buy body art quality henna to ensure quality and results. As I mention earlier henna treatment are drying and can leave the hair dry and matted, I always follow up with the condition my hair in the shower and then proceed to deep condition with my steamer. The extra conditioning step is necessary to add much-needed moisture back into the hair. If you don't have a steamer don't worry, grab a shower cap or plastic bag and cover your deep conditioner for at lease three hours to add moisture. The added moisture from steaming your hair helps to lift the cuticles for moisture to get inside the strands, which means less hair breakage.

How I mix my henna recipe & Products and Tools:

Mixing your paste 24 hours before treatment is to be applied

Add herb powders to the bowl, heat up about two cups of water for about 2 minutes and place two green tea bags to steep in the hot water. Allow it to steep in the water for at least 7 minutes and let the tea cool down to room temperature. After the tea has cool down, using your plastic spoon stir the henna powder lightly as you pour in the tea to create a yogurt-like consistency. Add all other products to the mix and finish mixing paste and cover the bowl with a plastic bag or wrapping and store away. Now cover your henna mix store in a warm area for the next 24 hours.

The oiling step is optional but does add protection to the hair, applying an oil like coconut oil or a growth oil you have to pre-poo the hair before treatment to protect and strengthen the strands.

Once your 24 hours up find an old t-shirt or towel to cover up, henna does stain so keep it away from anything that you don't want damage. Now section your hair off in 6 to 8 sections and grab your gloves. You can add a little oil or Vaseline on the edges of your hairline and ears to prevent the henna from staining any area you prefer staying clear of the mix. Start at the top center of your head; it is the most expose and usually the most damaged part of your hair. Focus on the roots to apply a thick past and finish applying just a little to the strands, continue around that same section going in a circle until your entire head is covered. The hair will stay in place because of the thick paste; no clips are required. Now cover head with a plastic cap or saran wrap, use an old scarf to cover the head one final time to ensure no air gets inside and stop any drips that may fall. I like to apply this during later at night, that way I’m only wearing it for a few hours, and then I sleep for the rest of the remaining 12 hours. Make sure to use an old pillow case just in case to avoid ruin your favorite pillow case. You can wear a cap to cover it up if you are treating your hair doing the day and go about your daily activities. After your 12 hours are up step in the shower and rinse your hair out, this takes five minutes or more. Rinse your hair thoroughly until you no longer see any product residue, you want to see clear water.

Never shampoo your hair after you use your henna treatment, wait until the end of the week to shampoo. Grab a moisturizing conditioner and co-wash your hair to clean all left over residue and add some moisture. Repeat conditioning at least twice to ensure you remove all the Henna from the hair. After you rinse off your hair, it is time to deep condition with your steamer. Apply deep condition to hair and sit under the steamer until it beeps and then cover your hair with a plastic cap and allow it to sit for 6 to 12 hours ( for best results I leave mine on for 12 hours). All you do at this point is rinse out you deep condition and continue with your regular hair regimen.

After using this treatment for two months, I notice a big difference in my hair. For once I'm growing and keeping my hair, it's not just shedding away at the end of the month.

What treatments do you use to help your hair stay healthy and grow? Comment and let us know and show your results!


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