Do You know About Your Acne Scars?

Growing up I never worry about acne or acne scars let alone know about Hyper-pigmentation. I can remember spending my day not even thinking about creating a special skin care routine just for my face. That all changed when I hit my 20's and started to get acne every month because of stress, and other factors.

What I learn about Types of acne scars

The first common type of acne scars is the Ice pick scars; they are deep pits that form about 2mm across the area. Once your acne is gone, it looks like the area has little ice picks puncturing the skin. It can give the skin the appearance of a puncture look.

When you have boxcar scars they are also common scars; they have an angular with vertical edges. If you had chicken pox and remembered the scarring that was left behind, it would resemble the same ones. They may be more noticeable on your face because your acne breaks out around your cheek area and temples. You will have shallow, or even deep scars on your face after the acne is treated.

Rolling scars goes a little deeper; they are damage under the skin that is shown on the surface. The scars give the skin a wave-like appearance after you have treated the acne.

Hypertropic is a Less common acne scars that that can look a little more apparent on the skin. With more raised and lumpy scars on the skin that would appear on your chest and back, but the scars can also be on your neck and face. These scars that are left behind are the results of more severe acnes like cysts or nodules. Most individuals will go to a dermatologist for help to treat these acnes. Doctors can look at the breakouts and give you a proper treatment of medicine or another alternative to properly treat your acne.

You may wonder why do you have those acne scars? I did too, In the beginning, I though if the acne went away that would be the end of it. It is due to the one's unique inflammation response to the acne. If you have just "single inflammation response" you get the acne than afterward acne scars usually goes away. If you get "secondary inflammatory response" now is when you will see acne scars. Learning about the two types of inflammation explains why one person suffer from acne scars, and the other maintain smooth skin.

Start By Preventing the acne

The best solution to eliminating acne scars is to prevent them before they have a chance to appear on your skin. It is important to keep your body healthy and maintain good skin care habits to help your body stay healthy. Eating whole foods, drinking plenty of water, and maintaining a low-stress level does wonder for your insides. Now when you do see that acne pop up overnight like I get sometimes take a few steps to treat the acne. The first thing I do is clean my face with a gentle cleanser, try to use a cleanser for your skin type. If you have oily to combination skin like me try a gel cleanser, the dry skin works best with a cream cleanser, and sensitive skin cleans well with foam cleansers. The next step is to add the right treatment to your acne; you can do you whole face or just spot treat the acne. I usually apply my 2% benzoyl peroxide treatment all over my face avoiding my eye area and any sensitive spots on my face. Using the treatment all over my face ensure that any bacteria that travel while I was washing will be treated. My favorite treatment is the treatment because I have seen real results using these products. If you do suffer from severe acne problem, you may want to visit a dermatologist about other treatment options. Do your best not to pick at the acne as it is being treated, if you can do it in a sterile environment, you can pop the acne and apply the treatment. The best advice is just to leave your skin alone after treatment to heal properly.

Is it Working?

Acne scars are part of the process after you treat your acne it will most likely be there. You can treat the scars with natural remedies or even look into surgical scar treatment. Topical treatments should be a last resort, feed your body vitamins and nutrients to improve your skin. Your skin will regenerate faster and look better, and you will see the scars fading. Look to improve your skin texture by taking care of it and shielding your skin with sunscreen for protection. Once you do have those scars, just learn that they are part of your skin, and you need just to go on with your life and not worry about it every minute of the day.

It is understandable that certain reasons you get acne you can not control, but those that you can control do it!





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