Promotes Thicker Hair With Herbal Powder: Amla, Brahmi, and Godrej Nupur Henna Paste

Growing thicker hair starts from the inside out after we grow that healthy hair we want to make sure we are keeping it healthy. Using herbs helps to maintain healthy, thicker hair.

Indian herbs have great benefits, they grow, nourish, and support all hair types. They are natural and safe with no side effects for the most part unless you are allergic to the herb itself. Making an herbal hair mask with Alma, Brahmi, and Henna 9 herbs powder feed your hair the nutrition it needs to thrive.

Making Growth Powder Mask

Start by collecting all the products you will need plus a container to store the product after preparing.

Ingredients: -1/4 cup of Amla Powder -1/4 cup of Brahmi Powder -1/4 cup of 9 herbs powder -1/2 cup of warm water + green tea -Seven drops of nettle oil -Seven drops of Burdock Root Oil - optional (1/8 cup of cottage cheese) for softer hair How To Mix: Start by measuring all your powders and adding them to a clean, dry bowl and mix evenly together. Gradually adds warm water to herbs and mix until you get a yogurt-like consistency. Now add your oils and cottage cheese to the mix then stir until you see all the products evenly mix. Finally, leave the mix to sit for 8 to 10 hours to cure before applying to your hair (if you want to mix this paste 24 hours before using to cure longer).

Application to Hair: Section hair into six sections, applies evenly to each section starting with the section that needs the most care. After the entire head has been covering grab a plastic shower cap or saran wrap to cover hair away for 8 hours and let it nourish your hair. After your time is done rinse hair completely with warm water until products rinse off. Afterward do not shampoo, apply a deep conditioner to hair and proceed with the rest of your hair care routine.

Benefit Of Powders

Amla Amla powder is an excellent hair care product, it not only moisturize but cleanses the hair and scalp as well. Using Amla powder helps to strengthen effectively, darkening and to moisturize your hair. If you are suffering from hair fall (that is not related to the hormonal problem), it may reduce hair falls and even promote hair growth. Amla powder naturally darkens hair color when use often in your hair care routine. It works to cure scalp infections and controls premature gray hairs do to stress and other factors.

Brahmi Powder

Brahmi powder also known as Bacopa monnieri, Bramia monnieri or Herpestis monniera is considered in Traditional Indian culture one of the best hair care herbs to promote healthy hair. It helps to strength the hair roots, prevent or reduce your gray hairs while controlling dandruff. You will have darker hair that is more dense with added luster. Brahmi powder helps to condition hair after applying it for softer and more gentle care. Using Brahmi as a deep conditioning paste leave you with fuller, softer hair that stays healthy longer. You can also use the powder to add to oil mix to had nutritious to the hair shaft.

Godrej Nupur Henna

Henna is great for hair, but henna with other great herbs is even better on the hair. The Godrej Nupur Henna is a combination of 9 different herbs, which is a complete treatment for hair. It helps to add color to your hair and fights several other hair related problems to grow long beautiful hair. The nine herbs powder is a mixture of hibiscus, Brahmi, Shikakai, Methi, Neem, Jatamansi, Aloe Vera, Bhringraj, and Amla to provide good conditioning for hair.

Please note: While natural herbs have none to minimal side effects associated with each herb, always do a patch test for irritation and allergic reactions.





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