Healthy Hair With Henna and Indigo Powder Treatment

The hair care industry market provides a broad range of hair dyes to help maintain natural hair color or change your hair color completely. The drawback to that is the chemicals that not only damage your hair but can cause long-term health problems in the future. You can solve that problem simply by using a natural leaf powder mix with henna and indigo powder. The natural powder method to dying your hair is harmless (unless you are allergic). Using henna and indigo powder offer some advantages like added strength and make it a little more manageable.

Indigo and Henna Leaf Powder Benefits:

Using Indigo (Neela Amari) along with the henna added some benefits to my hair strands. Looking to grow stronger and longer hair that will look beautiful try these two herbs for

The advantages of:

Natural Conditioners from nature Henna works as a natural conditioner when to apply to the hair. Your scalp will feel a fresh sensation as it work in the strands to strengthens them while processing. If you use protein treatments in your hair henna can be utilized as a substitute because it bonds to the cuticles to help thickens the hair and add volume along with strength.

Promote Hair Growth Looking for a solution to hair loss and enhance hair growth, try applying a henna mask to your hair. Has your hair grow over the years it can lose nutrients and strength, adding henna help cure that loss and maintain the hair's natural health. Using henna powder mask keeps your hair looking youthful and prevent the majority of your hair loss.

Natural and efficient hair dye Dying your hair naturally with henna and indigo for that red tone or a perfect dark black finish looks beautiful. It is a natural hair dye so all the harmful chemicals can be avoided. All the PPD, Ammonia, or Peroxide all will be avoided; It is a pleasant alternative from the traditional hair dye. The treatment dye leaves you with soft manageable You are free to tailor the mix to your liking to add oils, tea, and water to add moisture to the treatment. One aspect to consider is the strong smell the mix will have so applied it in a well-ventilated room. ​

How to Use Important things to Know: -Always use gloves when working with indigo and henna. -Indigo will dye your clothes, to protect them use old clothes or an old towel you do not mind getting the stain on It is best recomended that you use a Henna treatment before using your indigo powder.

Start With: -Mix henna with warm your liquid of choice (warm water, green tea, or milk ect.) into a pancake like paste and allow it to sit for 6-10 hours.

-Apply the henna paste to hair in sections to make sure the entire head is covered then cover with a plastic shower cap or saran wrap and allow ith to stay on the hair for 4-6 hours.

-When hair is ready, rinse hair with warm water until the running water turn clean and you no longer see any signs of color in the water.

-Now you have completed the henna treatment you are done if you are only using the henna, on the other hand if you are going for the dark indigo mix move on to indigo you hair.

Moving on to the Indigo Right after you rinse the henna out of your hair you have to apply the indigo so make sure to mix it right before you rinse your hair.

-Mix the indigo powder with warm water until it becomes a pancake consistency for easy application and allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes. -Section hair and start applying the paste until all areas of the hair is completely cover. -Allow mix to sit in hair covered with a plastic shower cap for 2-3 hours -After time is up rinse out indigo on hair( tip indigo do stain so make sure it will not be on something you care about getting stain or clean it outside) -To finish off deep condition hair with a homemade treatment or buy a deep conditioner treatment to add the moisture back in the hair.

The results: Depend on your original hair color the final finish will very. You can end with a shade of brown color or for darker hair color a dark rich black color.


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