Taking Care Of Your Nails For Healthy Nail Growth: Manicure and Pedicure

Why You Take Care of Your Nails

The cost of an excellent manicure and pedicure at a nail salon may come at a high price for the average person on a salary. The next best thing to do is build you very own at-home manicure and pedicure kit to give you a weekly treatment. Granted you can go to a salon a few times a year, but having a ready-made kit not only help for weekly care but special occasions. It does feel good to be able to treat your tired hands and feet to a fair treatment once a week to revitalize them. You can now create a regular weekly routine once a week to keep those beautiful nails. If you do get professional nail care, you will need to schedule regular salon visits for upkeep. Depending on the type of manicure, pedicure you choose, you can expect to make these appointments one to four times per month on average. Natural nails require less maintenance than artificial ones. Other determining factors include your nail growth rate and whether you have any particular hand or foot care needs that a regular manicure and pedicure will help.

Manicures and Nail Care Tools

The best part of a home manicure and pedicure is building a kit with all the tools you need, so you don't have to go to the salon every two weeks. All you need are a few essential tools in your home care kit and a little time every week to keep those nails beautiful. Start with the Clippers; now some other Clippers are around so you will have to get the ones that best match your needs. These will be your nail trimming tools to cut and shape your nails to your desired look. No need to break the bank because a high quality nail clipper range from $2 to $5, not on the expensive side. Make sure to purchase a high-quality nail clipper to avoid tearing at the nails when clipping to prevent damage and pain. A quality clipper gives you a clean cut with little pressure needed.

A Few Extra Options For Your Kit

Having not just a standard home kit gives you the advantage of ending up with the gorgeous hands and nails. Adding just a few extra additions to your kit will give you that dewy, healthy glow in each hand and feet. Remember the cuticle oil that was mentioned with using a cuticle pusher? Most kits come with you stander pieces, but not so much a cuticle oil. You can create your own with natural oils, or you can purchase one online for less than $10. An excellent way to soften nails, preserve its health by keeping them moisturized. After using a file on your nails, it may still look a little rough, so add a nail buffer along with a buffing cream. A file help smoothes out any areas that do not look their best, get rid of any hanging nail pieces along with moisturizing your nails. A Buffing cream added will serve to give your nail surface a more polish finish to apply your desire polish. Use this step in your nail care can help keep the nail smooth, soft, and shining with no polish added. You may also choose to add a sanding block to your kit to help smooth out any ridges on the surface of the nail for an even smoother finish. Your ultimate protection for healthy nail growth is applying a basecoat and a Topcoat to protect all your hard work. Adding a basecoat protect your nail from everyday wear and tear like washing your hands in water, harsh soap, and any other daily wear to the nails. You can choose protein Basecoats to add nutrients to your nails along with protecting it. After that you can add any color nail polish of your choice on top of the Basecoat, do not worry the basecoat act as a barrier to protect your nails. Now add your Topcoat to protect you beautiful manicure for about a week or two until you are ready for your next manicure and pedicure.


-1/4 Cup Organic Milk, Fresh from the fridge -1 tbsp. Olive Oil, Organic Cold Press Oil -2 Cups Warm Water, Filter water is the best, but regular tap water is fine


-Using a Glass bowl, pour the 2 cups of water in the bowl, Now add the 1/4 cup of milk and the 1 tbsp. Of olive oil.

-Mix the ingredients all together using a plastic spoon for about 30 seconds. -After mix if done make sure all polish is removed from your nails and submerge your nails into the soak and let them sit for 15 minutes. -After your 15 minutes are up, rinse your hands with cool water and pat them dry with a hand towel or napkin. Your hand soak is done!

homemade Stronger Nail Soak

A simple weekly soak for your nails with just two ingredients found in your kitchen helps your nail stay too robust and healthy. Soft and brittle nails can be a problem when it comes to keeping those nails you grow every month. A simple soak is just using olive oil and lemon juice to soak your nails every week to add strength and moisture. Lemon juice helps to whiten nail and aid with any yellow nails while olive oil is anti-aging and moisturizing to the hands and nails.

Popular Brands Products -100% Pure -Essie -O. P. I. Manicure For Your Nails

A fresh manicure can do wonders for your nails and hands. How often you treat your hands to one can be up to you, your daily activities that chip away at your manicure, or even how fast your nails are growing. On average your nails can grow about one-tenth of an inch a month. You may have to wait for about six months to regrow any nail back that was broken. In general, you can wait every two weeks to get a manicure or even three weeks. If you job or hobbies require constant exposure to water and soap, using products like clay, or any other products that dry out your hands a weekly treatment helps. Applying a hand lotion after washing your hands helps keep it hydrated.

Pedicure On Your Toes

Your pedicures are the best because they not only help your feet feel good, but they last a lot longer than your manicure. Your pedicures are little maintenance and can be kept fresh with just washing your feet and moisturizing it. Remember if your feet are exposed to environmental elements, or are regularly used you may need to maintain it more than another. If your working on your feet all day, or maybe you is an avid runner, you will need to soak those feet and treat them well. Some individuals feet can be prone to calluses; the skin may get parched at times, in these cases you want to give your feet a pedicure about three times a month. If you want a simple look like a French pedicure, they can last for two weeks or the whole month if you like.

Enjoy A Weekly Home Treatment

Taking time to pamper your hand and feet gives you an overall polish look. The entire process can range from 30 minutes to two hours depending on what you are doing for the day. Once a week just takes the time make yourself feel right by enjoying an at home manicure and pedicure. Build a home kit to last you the whole year, so your nails can always look pampered and shine all year around.


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