Excellent Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking A Cup of Green Tea

Drinking a cup of organic green tea on a daily basis can come with weight loss, skin health, and some other benefits to your body.

Organic green tea is grown and processed without pesticides or any artificial fertilizers. Most organic companies also carry a Fair Trade label; their stage goal is to help producers in developing countries achieve a better trading conditions and along with promoting sustainability to their economy. This aid advocates the higher prices to exporters, in turns offer fair payment to their workers and a higher standers of living in the countries they operate. The workers on these tea farms have the opportunity to be treated equitably and not be expose to harmful chemicals use on a conventional tea production. Choose an organic green tea that is not oxidized, instead go for the steamed and dry process, when place in warm water you will have a slightly bitter, greenish-yellow blend. A common benefit of green tea is the high level of polyphenols that are found in the leaves. ​Polyphenols are a type of natural plant antioxidant that helps your body fight free radicals. The environment produces these molecules that can cause cell damage over the years, so your body need antioxidants to fight them off. They can lead to heart diseases along with some forms of cancers. Drinking green tea benefits your body with its antibacterial properties that help you improve oral health by preventing tooth decay and halitosis. For all the coffee lover green tea can be a healthy alternative, it comes with half the caffeine that comes with a cup of coffee, but still pack a punch. Start with just drinking regular green tea with no added flavor or herbs, make sure it is high in antioxidants. Storing your tea to preserve its quality is important as well, store it in a cool, dark place in original container. Now every day you can take out one bag or two and make a cup of tea improve your health. You need some reasons to try a new tea how about just a few key ones.

It is High in Antioxidants Looking for a health boost that is high in antioxidants, well green tea packs a punch with a group of catechins. Potent vitamins like C and E works wonders in stopping everyday cell damages; studies has shown results that catechin contains a more powerful antioxidant level to reduce cell damages. Can Help Reduce Belly Fat If you are working with stubborn abdominal fat green tea is very high in EGCG. It helps reduce abdominal fat to help you reduce that large stomach and maintain a flat stomach. May help to Lowers Risk of Hypertension Green tea can promote little hypertension in the body due to its flavonoids. Your heart health can increase and even lower your blood pressure if you are in need. Be careful of the type of green tea you are drinking, some teas do contain caffeine that can cause a temporary rise in your blood pressure. A study published in the August 1999 issue of “Journal of Hypertension” reported that tea consumption caused slight increases in blood pressure among study participants. These finding, however, where not consider significant enough to raise serious health concerns in the participants. An internal medical study did show that green tea help members drop their hypertension risk from 46% to 65%. Good For Your Heart Health If you are worried about your heart due to heart problems or are experiencing, past or present heart problems try drinking a cup of green tea. Green tea helps to block the bad cholesterol (LDL) while increasing the good cholesterol (HDL). Your arteries will benefit as well, drinking a cup of green tea a day can help to improve artery function. It Might Prevent Wrinkles (Signs of Aging) If you are worried about wrinkles or are starting to see those signs of aging green tea could help your fight skin aging. Even if you already have, those wrinkles try drinking a cup or two of green tea a day. The (EGCG) produced in green tea pack a more potent power when fighting free radicals that harm your skin on a daily basis. Vitamin E helps your skin fight those signs of aging, why not add a cup of green tea a day to boost that effect in fighting again. It's Detoxifying to Your Body Your body naturally detox itself on a daily basis, but certain foods we consume daily can cause a little more buildup than our body can handle. Drinking a simple cup of green tea can detox your organs that could potentially cause hormonal imbalance or toxin buildup.

Help the Digestion Process Your digestive tracks are necessary for your body in getting rid of toxins in the body. In traditional Chinese medicine, green tea has been using for hundreds of years to aid digestion. Adding a cup of green tea to each meal you intake for the day will help your stomach in digesting the food properly. Can Help You Lose Weight One of many reasons you may not be losing weight may be due to your metabolism slowing down. Green tea produces (EGCG); it may help to speed up your metabolism or get it back on track to working properly. Your body will be able to burn off fat and lose weight in no time. Promote as well Boosts Your Immune System ​If you are looking to stay healthy with every changing season of the year keeping your immune system up is key. Green tea comes with polyphenols as well as flavonoid that may be able to boost your immune system to keep it strong. Drinking that cup of green tea, every day will be doing your body a lot more help than you may think. If you are new to drinking green tea, go on moderation with your intake. While this may not cause any high level of damage to your body, it is always good to take precautions. A moderate consumption of green tea is about three to five cups a day, or from 200 to 300 milligram of caffeine. Green tea is an excellent alternative if you are thinking of switching from coffee because you have the option of caffeine or no caffeine with green tea, and you will barely notice the difference. Green tea is no way a one cup cure, but it can add certain benefits to your diet that is well worth while. **Remember if you are worried about the caffeine and your blood pressure to drink only in moderation, and as always ask your medical professional first.


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