Eating Right With 'IRON' For Your Body

What is Iron?

Iron is essential for the body; Oxygen is delivered throughout the body using your red blood cells with the help of an iron. Plenty of vitamin C helps your body absorb a lot more iron. Women need to maintain their iron level much more than men. It is the only nutrient that women have a higher daily requirement than men. In the United States an (RDA) Recommended Daily Allowance of 10 milligrams of iron for men and 15 milligrams for women.

1.Transport and storage of oxygen. 2. Aid in energy production and cell diffusion. 3. Provide help to the immune and the central nervous systems to function. Having a low-level of iron can cause a person to develop iron deficiency anemia, Along with that it can cause their blood to contain low levels of oxygen. Some common symptoms that can be

identified to prevent iron deficiency are:

•Fatigue •Weakness •Rapid heartbeat •Fainting •Susceptibility to infection, and •Swelling of the tongue

Proper nutrition counts for the majority of your health which shows on the outside. Building muscles, losing weight, and just maintaining a healthy body is depending on about 80% on nutrition. Exercise is only a small part of your healthy lifestyle, eating healthy is the ultimate "IT FACTOR" to achieve a healthy body. Healthy adults absorb about 15% of the iron in their diet. Your Iron absorption refers to the amount that you incorporate into your everyday diet. A healthy adult on a daily basis diet should be about 15% of iron. You should know the amount of iron your body store before you can figure out how much your intake should be. It works this way if your body barely has any iron it will demand more from the food you are eating. If you keep your Iron level high, your body will require less iron, and you will always have new Iron store. Make sure to control your Iron levels because too much can be a bad thing also, Your body will develop hemochromatosis. Most individuals do well base on their diet, but if you feel the need for iron supplements contact your doctor first. If too much iron is taken damage to the liver and heart can happen. Your primary source for getting iron is red meat, other sources include but not limited to some fish, beans, dried fruits, and spinach. For those of you who enjoy breakfast cereals, iron can be found in most of them. Boost the Iron in your diet with these foods: •Red meat •Egg yolks •Dark, leafy greens (spinach, collards) •Dried fruit (prunes, raisins) •Iron-enriched cereals and grains (check the labels) •Mollusks (oysters, clams, scallops) •Turkey or chicken giblets •Beans, lentils, chickpeas and soybeans •Liver •Artichokes ******Quick Tip: Vitamin C rich food along with Iron rich food consume together helps your body absorb the nutrients better.


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It's more than just a look for me when I eat a healthy meal or workout for the day; it is about living a healthy lifestyle so I can enjoy my life 100%. Not to worry about getting sick, not to have to visit the doctor every few months to get a prescription  The biggest lottery you can win in this life is the lottery of being born healthy. Do not take that away from yourself by developing an unhealthy diet and sitting around all day. Get up and stay active, but most of all feed your body the proper nutrition it needs to run every day. 

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