A Complete Oil Cleansing Method For Beautiful Radiant Skin

Your face is very delicate and demands constant care. Your skin needs more than just a good cleanser; you need an oil cleanser as well. Learn to use natural oils to cleanse your face and make it glow.

Your Skin and Oils

The production of oils on your skin is important to clear, even, and beautiful skin that everyone always dreams off. The production of natural oils on the skin helps to heal, maintain balance and just feel good throughout the day. Some retail store bought cleanser can strip the skin of the natural oil that it produce. Once the natural oils on the skin are strip away, it is left dry, and unprotected, so the skin will start to produce even more oils to keep up with the demands.

Using Oils Oil cleansing your skin can be beneficial in some ways.

  • ​Prevent premature again of the skin

  • Create a natural home cleanser for your face

  • Keep your skin healthy and safe from unnecessary damages

Remember back in science class? Like dissolves like, so what the skin may need is oil to dissolve away the excess oil it is producing. Us oils to cleanse the skin can help melt away the excess oils and is one of the most natural cleansers that are used on the skin. The skin can be sensitive to other products found in stores, so oil cleansing a few times a week can give it time to recuperate itself. Oil cleansing the skin can be a little pamper treatment in the morning and night time for your skin. It can help fight the signs of aging, restore skin moisture, and so much more by just taking 2 minutes out of your day to massage a little oil on your skin.

The oil Cleansing Method

Oil cleansing is simple for just about all skin types, combination, sensitive, reasonable, or even oil skin types. Add oils to your skin may seem a little different for cleansing, but it will cleanse your face. This method does work to remove dirt, makeup, and yes, oils on the skin. In your nightly routine, adding an oil cleanser can help the skin stay healthy and glow in the morning. The oils will help moisturize your skin on top of your other moisturizing products you use before bedtime and allow the skin to rejuvenate itself while you sleep. Take your favorite oils, make sure that they are high quality and organic to mix for you to use on the skin. A simple combination of oils, with a two-minute message, and using a warm towel to wipe off the oil can leave you with refreshed, glowing skin. Properly cleansing the skin help to maintain the balance in its oil production to keep it healthy. Learn what oils works best for your skin type benefits and compliments its texture.

What You Will Need •your oil blends that you already made •a small, soft washcloth to wipe your face •hot water (but not too hot to burn your skin) you want to avoid that. ​

Prepare: Have your bottle oil ready to apply to your face. Set your clean washcloth next to your sink or hot water bowl. This way you will be prepared for when you want to wipe the oil off your face.

The Method on Choosing Your Oils to Blend

When it comes to choosing the right oils, the most important part is the quality of your oils, then, of course, the price. High-quality oils are important because your skin will receive the benefit of hydration, how well it penetrates your skin, and revitalize the skin after each application. Watching the price is important especially if you are on a budget, but remember that you are doing this for your skin health. The top three conventional oils that are mostly used are organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and castor oil. You can use just one oil, combined two together, or blend all three for the best results. After a month of continuing usage of your oil, you will start to see the results, but for some people, it may take a little longer to try out the different mix. After one month, you can try a different blend or even change the amount of the oils you choose for your oil mix to achieve your best results. Start by using a ratio to measure, as for normal skin 1 part olive oil and 1 part castor oil, dry skin, try using 3 part castor oil and 1 part coconut oil. If it is too thick try adding coconut oil into the mix, so 2 part castor oil, 1 part coconut oil, and 1 part olive oil. Oily skin needs a little more to wash away the excess oil, go a little heavier with 1 part olive oil and 3 part castor oil to keep your mix thick.

If your skin does well on its own for the most part try using just olive oil, it works for keeping wrinkles away. It has essential benefits that have been proven to fight the aging process for hundreds of years, so it's one of the best oils to use. Coconut oil can penetrate your skin up to 75%, using it as an oil cleanser can help protect your skin from those environmental damages. It is really up to how your skin reacts on how much oil to use as well as what type you use. After you have your mix of oils or one oil in its bottle, make sure to store it properly. Look for a dry, cool place that is away from direct sunlight to save your bottle to keep the oil lasting longer with full benefits. When do you oil cleanse your face? You should start out oil cleansing your face every night. Again if you do not have the time, try to sneak it in at least three times a week in your night routine. It will usually take from one to three months to see a significant change on your face when using the oils. The oils will help your face become more moisturize and bring back life to your dry skin.

Oil Cleansing in 3 Easy Steps

Cleanse: Start with your face as is, no need to pre-clean with soap and water even if you are wearing makeup. Pour a generous amount of oil on your palm and apply it gently all over your face until completely covered. If you prefer to try using it in small amounts on each area until you have your entire face saturated with oil. Now massage your face firmly but do not rub it too rough in an upward circular motion. Continue to knead for 2 to 3 minutes, after leave it on for 30 more seconds. Rinse: Now that you are done applying your oil to your face, it is time to rinse it off. Turn your hot water on and a little of the cold water. Make sure it is not too hot to burn your skin. Take your washcloth and dunk it under the water for about 20 seconds to get hot. Now turn off your water, wring your towel almost dry and cover your face with your washcloth for 15 to 30 seconds. Now gently wipe off the oil away with your washcloth off your face. Now flush your face with cold water for about 10 to 20 seconds to close your pores.

Are You Up to The Oil Cleansing Challenge

Eventually, this will be a little personal pampering time for you and your face. Oil Cleansing can leave your skin a little greasy, in that case, go back to your regular cleanser.

Okay now that you know about the method, how it all works, it all comes down to following through and getting those results. To get accurate results, you will want to use it on a daily basis. The frequency at which you choose to cleanse your face is totally up to you. Some people can get great results using it every not, and others can use it only three times a week and still get great results. Get better results by keeping a consistent schedule and being consistent about cleansing your face every day on your schedule. The oil cleansing works great when you take proper care of your skin. The most important part is to steer clear of store bought facial cleanser. They contain ingredients like sulfates or sulfides that breaks down the skin's natural barrier and strip away its natural oil. Your skin can start producing more oil than it normally would, just because it thinks that you need the extra moisture. How mush as the Oil Cleansing Method Improve your skin?

After you have cleansed your face for a month or more you may no longer require as much of moisturizer as before; the oils will keep your face smooth and moisturize. If you want to add a little extra kick to your oil cleanser, try to add about 2 to 4 drops of essential oils like lavender or carrot seed to help improve your skin even more. Do not rush anything, if your face is not used to too much oil give it a week or two.

The Pros and Cons of The Cleanser

The oil cleansing method is great for your skin, but you should look at it from both points of view. In everything, you have to look at the pros and cons of it. Pros: To begin with the oil cleansing method helps you maintain your natural, beautiful skin, suffer fewer acne problems, blackheads, dry skin, and leave you with radiant, glowing skin. You skin benefiting from using an entirely natural product to take away dirt and grime off your skin. This cleanser will not strip away your skin's natural oils and cause clogging or even producing excessive oils. A nightly cleanse can help to improve your skin moisture; this will give you smooth and hydrating skin. Now for those who uses makeup, this is great news because you will no longer have to worry about those alcohol drying effects of the regular makeup removers. Use the oils to cleanse away makeup along with moisturizing your skin as you do it.

Cons: Depending on your skin, type the oil cleansing method could take up to one to three months for your skin to adjust and show accurate results. Massage the oil on your face each night takes about three minutes like when you wash your face it would take less time. This means doing a lot more laundry for the week, having more wash cloth around to use a new one every night if you are not doing laundry every day or every other day. The biggest setback could be your money, depending on the brand of oils you purchase. The best practice is to use cold press organic oils on your skin to get the best results. These natural oils can cost from $4 to $30 a bottle so choose on your budget and product needs. Purchase your oils online at shops like iHerb.com help you save money on low prices and high sales.

Setting Your Own Rules

When you start just remember, these rules are not set in stone. Use it more as a starting point for beginning your oil cleansing method and achieving that beautiful glowing skin. It is up to you of how often you cleanse your face and the types of oils you use. Do something unique and beneficial to your natural beauty every day. Practice oil washing your face every night, and then wake up with beautiful moisturizing skin every morning.





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