DIY Hair Deep Moisturizing Daily Hair Spray

Now that am into the spirit of taking care of my natural hair one of my daily must have is a moisturizing spray. So I started making my moisturizing spray use to moisturize my hair. I always used to make a hair spray out of the water, vegetable glycerine and aloe Vera gel, but I decided to change my spray a little. So to maintain daily moisture, I added a few of my usual ingredients together along with a few new essential oils. My hair I must say love the new spray. It is moisturizing, especially at the end of the day when I would have parched hair is not so dry anymore. After exposure to the sun, wind, and other dirt my hair can use all the help it gets. With now an overload of oils, this leave-in moisturizing spray is an essential product to my daily hair care.


Directions: First cut your aloe Vera leaf and take out the gel and blend it to make is as watery as you can. Before mixing it add your olive oil, vitamin E capsule, macadamia oil, and clove oil, now mix it all together. Now add your blended mix to your spray bottle, then add about 10 oz of water. With the added oils to your spray, it should last you about two weeks depending on how much hair you have. All you do now is store your bottle away and use it daily to spray your hair when you style it and before bed each night. Water should be a key ingredient in your moisturizing products that you make. Why may you ask? Because it is the ultimate moisturizer! Make sure you use either distilled/filter water because adding tap water will be a breeding ground for microorganisms. Any tap water may contain contaminants and microscopic organisms from the tap that you don’t want sitting in your homemade moisturizer, causing bacterial growth and spoiling your products. Using distilled or filtered water (from a quality filtering system) can ensure that your products are not introduced to any more new contaminants. Vitamin E oil capsules are great, and they come with many benefits when to use in your moisturizing products. It is a nourishing vitamin that helps with protecting your skin from free radicals and offers protective barriers of the skin. That means, after all, your good products get in your scalp it will be protected from future damages. It will also serve as a preservative to keep it lasting longer as you store it for future uses. Olive oil gives your hair so much help to stay healthy and strong that it should always be used in you hair care products. Olive oil moisturizes you hair strands, helps prevent breakage, splitting, and frizzy hair. You receive added moisture; it is rich in vitamin A, E, and antioxidants. It can contribute to removing the buildup of the sebum to help with new hair growth. It is a natural deep conditioner; this oil helps you get you naturally soft and manageable hair back. Essential oils make a big difference in your natural hair care products. They add moisture, nourish hair, and give your scalp the attention it needs to stay healthy. It is always a good idea to add essential oils that benefit your scalp and match its needs. You may want to avoid using citrus essential oils on your scalp, they are phototoxic, and can cause your scalp to become more sensitive to the sunlight. Try using argan oil and clove oil for preventing hair fall and balding and to also preserve your products.


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