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Simple HOME MADE Baking Soda Face/Body SCRUB

Keeping your skin clear is an imperative part of getting that beautiful glow. A Daily light exfoliation of your skin will keep it clean and dirt free. You get a chance to clear off all the dead skin off after a long day; the scrub also helps to get a deep clean, so no residue or dirt stays on your skin. Why use baking soda you may wonder for your skin? Well, it comes with some benefits to keeping your skin bright and healthy. It comes with anti-bacterial properties, exfoliating effects on skin, abrasive nature, and not to mention affordable for anyone seeking a simple solution. Using it on your skin on a regular basis helps you get softer, noticeably clearer skin. Whether you have sensitive, dry, oily, or combination skin, you can benefit from its exfoliation scrub. Exfoliation works great on your face to help unclog your pores and leave your skin looking clean and fresh with no blackheads. Exfoliation helps you control breakouts and blemishes that can make you look older with signs of aging. You get the benefit of using a product that is healthy, works on your skin without the irritations or side effects that may come with medicine from the doctor or over the counter. If you have dry skin adding baking soda to your skin care routine can help you have healthier to looking skin. Exfoliation is not by all mean a solution to any skin problem that may need medical attention. If you do have a skin problem, always consult your doctor before you use anything on your skin even if it is natural. Improve your scrub by adding other essential oils to help maximize your results. Using peppermint essential oil benefit your skin in many ways. The oil contains menthol that is good for your skin because it create a cooling sensation on it. It will nourish your skin, so it does not look dead which in turn will improve the texture of it from looking oily and greasy. Cleansing can help reduce skin irritations, but make sure to mix it with other products or oil and not use it directly on the skin. No product can never be consider 100% safe to use so be sure to check for allergic reactions and skin irritation. Using this scrub comes with great benefits, but you do need to monitor your skin carefully. Some individuals may see their skin turning red due to overuse of the scrub so use as little or as much as your skin can take.

You will need: -Sea Salt -Baking Soda -Distill Water -Peppermint Essential Oil -Empty container ( plastic or glass) -Bowl (to mix your products together) -Stir stick or spoon to mix everything

Mix Your Product add about a 1/2 cup of distilling water in the bowl Two tablespoon of sea salt to your water and make sure it is devolved all the way in the water( this is optional you can add the salt after the baking soda to keep it solid. If you have sensitive skin I recommend you devolve the salt not to get scratches and cuts on your skin.) Add about ten drops of peppermint oil to water and mix it (or oil of your choice). Fill in the bowl steadily with baking soda until you reach your desired paste. You can make it as solid or as soft as you would like. Mix all the product together and leave on your bathroom counter for everyday use. **You may choose to add Lavender, rosemary essential oil (or oil of choice) to get the scent you want or other benefits. Warnings: **Baking soda can have an over-drying effect on your skin when it is used. Make sure to use a moisturizer after each wash to keep your face from drying out. To get your skin use to it and watch for reactions start by using it once a week to exfoliate. If your skin does not get a bad reaction than you can use it on a daily basis.


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