Three Simple Daily Steps To Taking Care of Your Hands & Keep Younger-Looking Hands

Of all the parts of your body that people regularly see throughout the day your hands can show your age more than any other body part. When you are out in public using any facilities, at work using the restroom or many other situations throughout the day you may be washing your hands regularly. Every time you wash your hands you are stripping away the natural oils, leaving them dry and rough at the most time which can age your hands. The hardest part, throughout the day, is consistently protecting your hands all day. Another problem your hands is losing it's fat and volume as you age over the years, they will end up looking more bone style, and your veins will be more apparent to the eyes. What you need to do is give your hands a weekly treatment to keep them hydrated, healthy, and give them younger looking complexion.

Use Gentle Hand Cleanser

Your hands need all the oils that your body provide to keep it hydrated and healthy. Washing it all day long strip those oils away, so on the thing, you can do use a gentle cleanser (Red Flower Italian Blood Orange Cleansing Hand Soap). Look for a cleanser that uses mild, anti-bacterial ingredients to prevent it from completely drying out your hands.

Loss of moisture to the hands can cause it to look older at a faster rate over time if not protected. The majority of households now have a dishwasher that saves your hands from washing dishes every day. If you usually wash your dishes by hands you may want to consider using a rubber kitchen glove to protect them. Using a glove can go for any cleansing you are doing around the house, or even with the kids, always protect your hands from exposure to excess water and soap. Whenever you do use water on your hands try using cold water instead of hot because hot water can dry out the skin.

Always Keep Moisturizers close at hand After you wash your hands, it is always a good ideal to moisturize your skin. Keeping a good moisturizer (Baxter of California Hand and Body Moisturizer) handy make it easy to apply to your hands after every wash. After you wash your hands, avoid using a towel and leave the water on them, then apply your moisturizer to each hand. Use circular motions with each hand to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the hands and assist the moisturizer penetrates the skin. Massaging the hands works especially for the colder months when the air is a little dye, and your skin needs the extra moisture to stay hydrated throughout the day. Another method is to use treatment gloves ( Bliss Glamour Gloves, 50 Treatments) to treat your hands each night to wake up to younger looking hands. After you apply your moisturizer and also cuticles oil over time, your hands will look younger, be softer, and just more beautiful.

Protect Your Hands By Always Wearing Sunscreen Direct contact with the sun daily can age your hands. When you are outside walking your hands are in the sun, when you are driving direct sunlight is shining through the windshield on the back of your hands. The direct contact allows the sun rays to go and cause damage, mostly to the back of your hands or maybe even all of your hands depending on how you are steering the wheels. Using a sunscreen ( Aveeno Active Naturals Protect + Hydrate SPF 70 Lotion) with a higher SPF on your hands is recommended due to it's constant exposure to the sunlight. Look for the right sunscreen for your body and the period you will be spending in direct sunlight, using SPF 30 or higher will protect your skin from the damaging rays. Taking care of your hands does not have to be a choir or take a long time. Just have your gentle cleanser in your bathroom or kitchen, have your moisturizer right next to it, and most of all protect those hands with sunscreen.​


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