Your skin needs special care to stay beautiful, especially your face. Your face skin is very different from your body surface; it is much thinner and more prone to damage. Your body skin can take some major wear and tear over the years and bounce back with proper care. When treating your face take some serious precautions to have that beautiful face. Going from harsh winter months to hot summer days your face is in direct contact with free radicals that cause significant damages. It can dry out your skin when you are dehydrated, which in this case your face takes the most damage. The overexposure to the sun, wind, even sandy areas are damaging, slathering on a thick lotion just will not give you the moisture needed. Humidity means your skin needs a little extra help to retain water and not become oily to enlarge your pores. Your face needs a hydrating effect that is light, heals the daily damages, even cool down your skin. So why not make your very own all-natural, moisture-locking face mist to hydrate your skin. Some ingredients are essential to your mix due to the vitamins that it feeds your skin. You want to make sure to add organic coconut water, Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, and Organic Rose Hip extract (oil). These are not the only ingredients, but when added to your mix they make a significant difference in your results. This process takes only a few minutes to make, plus enjoy the fact that you are known all the ingredients that are in your product. Make a thick mist use on a daily basis to keep your face hydrated and refresh. Use it every day or just when you feel like your face may need a little extra moisture. All you need are a handful of oils and water based products to have your face mist.Organic Coconut Water: Vitamin C for Elasticity and Protection Vitamin C is a vital nutrient for skin health. Vitamin C in coconut water may also protect your skin against the sun damage. The more vitamin C that is added to your diet prevent your skin from becoming dry. Organic Aloe Leaf Juice(aloe barb adenosis): Rich in glycoproteins; anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory properties, soothes, heals, improves appearance of fine wrinkles Organic Rose Hip Fruit(rose canine) Rich in Vitamin C, powerful antioxidant activity, natural colorant What You will Need: measuring spoons, 2 oz spray bottle, essential oils, coconut water, aloe leaf, and vegetable glycerin.

Ingredients: 2 tbsp. of Aloe barb adenosis (organic aloe leaf juice),1/4 tsp. of vegetable glycerin, 1 tbsp of filter water, 1 tsp. of coconut water, rosa canine (organic rosehip fruit extract), 2 drops Rosa damascena (rose oil extract), 1 drops (ylang-ylang) pure essential oil, 1 drops Frankincense oil, 1 drop Lavender oil. How to Use: Make sure your face is freshly clean at the beginning of the day. Start with lightly misting Your face thoroughly and make sure all the spot is cover and looks hydrated. The best way to get great results is to continue showering your face throughout the day. Try washing your face during the middle of the day and before bed. This will help your skin stay clean and hydrated all day long. FEEDS YOUR SKIN EVERY DAY The blend of natural organic rosehip, ylang-ylang, grapeseed oil and excellent antioxidant-rich organic water based products for maximum results. This will give you a daily fresh, radiant complexion that everyone will love and envy when they see your face. WHO SHOULD USE THIS MIST? Natural products work great for just about anyone. If your skin is on the oily side, you may want only to add about 1 to two oils. This usually works for all skin types and is ideal to keep your skin hydrated and fresh. If you are just not sure about the ingredients, either get more information from a licensed health professional. BENEFITS TO YOUR SKIN ​•Tones & refreshes your skin with resveratrol from organic grapeseed. •Aroma-therapeutic comes with the added pure essential oils of ylang-ylang & rosehips. •Hydrates the skin with organic Aloe Juice Tip: Spritz your face daily, especially during the extra dry months more often to it cooler. Store your mist in your refrigerate for a refreshing cool mist when you spray it on your face.


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