Proper Manicure and Pedicure At Home With A Starter Kit and Tips

You love to have that beautiful manicure and pedicure, but going to the nail salon, waiting for service and the pay is probably not ideal. Not to mention that the tools that are used to clean your nails have been using on a few hundred customers before being replace. It is not ideal to share sharp tools with more than one person to avoid cross infections. Salons are usually clean and well-taking care of, but even the best of them can make mistakes. That is why building you very own at home manicure, and pedicure kit can be ideal. You will have all your tools ready for use; everything will be clean and put away safely. Drawing beautiful designs can always be a fun adventure with new creations, and the best part is 'NO WAITING'. That is right, anytime you feel like giving yourself a manicure all you have to do is open your kit and get those beautiful nails started. The best practice is to make yourself an at-home nail care set to give yourself a manicure and pedicure every week. Why would you want to spend from $ 25 to $45 a week at a shop when you can get it done at home for free once you have your kit. Learn some easy tips and tricks to getting started in taking care of your nails. A Nail care set will help you keep beautiful and healthy nails that grow and will be ready for any occasions. Beautiful nails do not take a super professional to make them look good. Your nails just need a little love and care every week. Now that you want those glowing nails learn how to achieve the look.

Nail Shape

If you want a flattering nail shape go for a more squoval shape. It is not quite square or oval; it's a combination of both. If you preferred the modern square shape, it could also look good with some designs. The square shape can make your fingers look on the chubby side, especially if you have shorter fingers. Oval nails look beautiful on longer fingers, but they can take away from the design on the nails. The best practice is to remove any polish from the nails, fill your bowl up with warm water and hand soap and place both hands in the mix to soak for about 15 minutes. Soaking your nails will help clean your nails, soften cuticles and help remove dead skin faster. Line each of your nails up with their counterpart after you have file them down. The lining the nails will give you a more accurate check on the lengths matching each other. Always store your nail polishes in cool temperature area to not cause a change in the consistency of the polish. If your polish is hardening, do not shake the bottle, roll the bottle between your hands to warm it up. After nails are complete and dry, try a simple spa trick. Using a damp towel place it in the microwave for about 1 minute, apply your favorite hand moisturizer, oil, or butter all over hand and feet then wrap them in a warm towel. This will soften the skin, allow your moisturizer to penetrate even more, and you will get the smoother looking skin.

Applying Nail Polish and More

When you are applying nail polish, hold the brush between your thumb and middle finger while resting your hand on a flat surface. To get a beautiful result with nail polish try to apply as little of the polish as it takes to achieve your desired look. Start by applying a base coat and let it dry off to protect your nails. Use one layer in the middle, left, and right side of the pin and allow that first layer to dry off. After that as dried off apply one even layer covering the entire top nail. Now finish off with a topcoat to complete the look of beautiful nails. To clean up your nail area use an orangewood stick and dipped in nail polish remover the excess nail polish around the nail. Set out with your nails to let them air dry to get an even, beautiful finish. If you are using a nail dryer make sure to set it on low, seat under the nail dryer for about 15 to 30 minutes depending on your design. If your have you hurry out before your nails are dry, apply a little olive oil or cuticle oil to the top of pins to keep anything from sticking to your nails. It is important to make sure you have a hand moisturizer after you are done with your nails. It helps keep your hand soft, keep moisture in your skin, even nourish your cuticles. It is a weekly maintenance to have and keep healthy nails. The goal is not just for your hands and nails to look good, but for it to be healthy. That is how you will have that picture perfect look, not just for a day but for the whole week. Take care of your nails and they will look fabulous every day.


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