Nourishing Flax Seed Homemade Hair Gel

Using gel on your is always helpful, but commercial store bought gel can be harmful to your hair. That is why you should make your very own flax seed gel from home. Flax seed is rich in essential fatty acids to benefits your hair and scalp. It assist in hair growth and replenishes dry, brittle hair while nourishing the scalp. Your hair needs all the help it can get to grow, flax seed provides more support to your hair than you may think. Why do you want to use flax seeds Gel to beneficial for hair? Flax seeds are a rich source of vitamin E. It is useful for hair growth of the capillaries. It feeds the required nutrition to the scalp and hair to help expedite better hair growth. Flax Seed will improve the nourishment of the hair roots, scalp, and keep your hair looking healthy. Your hair will show less breakage and split ends by providing your daily needed hydration. Help your hair retain its natural color by preventing premature graying hair. The high amount of Omega-3 fatty acid feeds your hair every time you apply the gel. Your hair strands and follicles will be well nourished; your hair now gets to grow out strong and healthy. If you think that your hair needs more elasticity, just add a little flax seed gel. The Omega-3 fatty acids help it improves the elasticity of the hair and help prevent breakage. If Your regularly use flax seed gel on your hair it will help prevent hair loss, dandruff, it could even help scalp problems like eczema. Extra Nourishment for Hair Flax seeds also contain lignans, a disease-fighting compounds that could aid in the fight in hair loss. Using the flax seed itself will have a better effect when boil to take the gel from it. It is easy to extract the gel from seeds at home with a simple boiling method. Using flax seed gel and water boil them together and mix as it boils to get your gel contain. Make your gel, even more, effective by adding some essential oils that benefit your particular hair needs. Now add some carrier oil along with a little aloe Vera gel to boost it up a little.

Add your water to a pan and then add your flax seed gel. Now turn your oven on medium and allow the mix to start boiling. Once you see the water boiling, you will need to start stirring it constantly to aid in extracting the gel. Let the flax seeds to boil the water until you see the water thickening up, and the gel consistency starts showing. This will take from 5 to 10 minutes than you can turn the stove off and remove it from the heat to make sure they are not overcooked. Now strain the gel from the flax seeds using a fine-mesh sieve. You can store away your flax seeds in the fridge to reuse again to make your gel another time. Place your content in a bowl and add your aloe Vera leaf making sure to cut away the skin off first, now add your essential oils and mix it all together with your blender. Add your gel to your container, you have your home made a gel use anytime you, please. To prolong the life of your gel stores it in your fridge, it can last for about one to two weeks depending on how much you use.


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