Bamboo Powder: The Best Kept Secret To Your Glowing Skin, Longer Nails and Healthy Hair

The beauty industry is all about looking young and vibrant, and they have an endless supply of goods to help you do just that. The problem with those products is that they are only a temporary fix, they cover outside, they usually don't help the inside.

It's not just about waking up in the morning and taking a shower and going about your day. If you want to maintain a head full healthy hair, have long nails and glowing skin you need to make sure your body is getting the nutrition it needs. Vitamin deficiency can be the cause of brittle nails, dry skin, and even hair loss. The health of all three is connected, so by taking one supplement daily, you can promote a healthy body while rejuvenating all three. If you want to see a significant difference consider adding Bamboo Powder to your daily meals.

Bamboo Powder contains silica, Silica is a relatively unknown mineral but has amazing benefits for your body overall. Silica contains both silicon and oxygen which can be found in many vegetables like leafy greens and onions along with whole grains. Silica is an essential mineral to help with bone growth and the development of your body as a whole. As a child your body needs it to grow, so your body produces an abundance of silica and a low level of calcium. As we age our body loses silica and deposit calcium in our glands which lead to 'calcification' of the tissues and it results in losing that gland functions. In order for your body to absorb the calcium it requires vitamin D3, but it also needs silica to use that calcium to help build strong bones and teeth.

The Benefits of Taking Silica

Silica helps to promote mineral balance between the calcium and magnesium in your body. It helps to balance out your hormones which your body needs to keeps everything in proper working order. Silica helps to energize your immune system as well as help to alkaline your body. Having a proper diet and introducing silica into your diet helps to create a more alkaline body than an acidic one. Silica helps your body create the antibodies and antigens that are essential components that contribute to a healthy immune system. Creating a daily routine where you have a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, and adding silica powder along with good exercise to balance your bodies pH level.

Every cell in your body uses silica, from your internal glands to single cells, they need it. It helps to strengthen your cardiovascular system along with the nervous system that depends on calcium and magnesium.

How Will Silica help you get glowing skin, long hair and long nails?

Your Skin

Silica is the best-kept secret of the beauty industry and you can give your body a dose of it every day by drinking a bamboo tea. Free radicals in the environment can damage the collagen in the skin, silica helps to rebuild and regenerate the connective tissues. Collagen is the connective tissue that makes up most of our skin, one of the highest components of collagen is silica. It helps prevents wrinkles and sagging skin by providing plenty of lubrication, nutrients, and minerals that your body needs to thrive. It's no wonder your skin look more rejuvenating and youthful with a daily dose of silica. Your skin will look well toned and plump, the moisture level in your skin increase and look supple.

If you are suffering from mild to moderate acne, silica can help clear up your skin. It enhances the collagen in the skin which helps build a healthy layer of skin that can be maintained with little effort. The skin would be less likely to have inflammation or other hormonal issues that could lead to acne, acne scars, and other skin care problems. Taking a silica supplement helps to remove toxins from the body to avoid digestive issues. With fewer toxins for your body to remove, the less likely they will seep into your bloodstream and cause inflammation in the body. You can avoid skin issues like acne and have more glowing skin.

Your Hair

Silica mineral is crucial to help stop shedding and breaking of your natural hair. Silica helps hair achieve a healthy look and luster in two ways. It helps to achieve hormonal balance as mention before, an unbalance hormone is one of the biggest cause of hair loss. It helps to restore the vitality of your hair and address hair loss issues without causing damage to your body. Silica also bonds with a number of minerals in the body. It helps to not only remove aluminum from the body, but it also helps to carry nutrients to where it may not make it like your hair, nail, and skin. Nutrients that may not reach those areas because your body needs them for more important organs like your heart. It ensures your hair follicles a strong supply of vital minerals to grow healthy hair. You grow a stronger, thicker head of hair that is healthy and full of nutrients. It helps to add luster and shine to your strands and fill in the bald and thinning hairline.

Your Nails

Brittle nails are hard to manage and even harder to grow without proper nutrients. Bamboo supplements can be beneficial to your nails to help them grow by again by carrying nutrients to the nail bed. They will grow back with health and strength and not break easily.

Your Body Overall

Silica benefits your entire body, it helps to prevent critical mineral deficiency and support everyday functions. Plenty of foods like leafy greens, whole grains, apple, almond nuts, oranges, fish and oats are good sources of silica. Unfortunately, most of silica-rich food provide silica as alumina-silicate or silica that is a non-bio-available form that could lead to mineral deficiencies. The best source of silica is a supplement source that is derived from Bambuosa Vulgaris (Bamboo), or Equisetum arvense(horsetail). Horsetail supplements only supply you with about 5% to 8% depending on the brand. The best source is taking a bamboo extract, it contains 70% of rich organic silica. A good source of biotin and ten times more potent than to help grow strong, healthy hair, nail and skin to look your best. Bamboo extract helps your body build strong bone and teeth along with growing longer and stronger nails.

If you are young your body is producing more than enough silica, so you don't need a supplement. As you age and lose silica in your body you start to become deficient, so the state of your hair, nail, and skin starts to decline. If you want to see a significant improvement and keep them consider natures best-kept secret, Bamboo Powder!


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